Ken Christianson co-founder of Pro Musica, Chicago, an outstanding audio store opened in 1983 has dedicated His life towards the advancement of creative arts in many forms of music making. While promoting fine quality music systems for nearly three decades, He started his first recording enterprise, Handmade Recordings in 1976.

Ken has recorded numerous contemporary and classical albums sold world wide on "The Naim Label". He has supported several music series including Concerts Under the Dome, Women of the New Jazz and Creative and Improvised Music at Unity Temple as well as teaching a masters class in Live Sound Recording at Columbia College in Chicago.

Ken has worked closely and recorded with a vast array of incredible Artists, in both contemporary and classical music including: Charlie Haden, John Taylor, Chris Anderson, Billy Higgins, Paul McCandless Iona Brown & the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, the Allergi String Quartet, H�vard Gimse, Kai Eckhart, Bonnie Koloc, Laurence Hobgood, Kurt Elling, Jim Gailloreto, Paul Wertico, Brian Torff, John Moulder, Stew Cutler Ted Sirota, Fred Simon and Patrick Noland to name a few.

Ken has developed his own unique recording style True Stereo Recordings through years of experience and practice using his combined knowledge to capture as much of the Artists message with as little intrusion as possible.

With the formation of True Stereo Recordings Ken is attempting to help push the envelope for recording, producing and distributing great music with a consistent high quality sound.