True Stereo Recordings (True to the music) were developed to capture the live essence of musicians in real time (no overdubbing) in good natural acoustic spaces such as concert halls and churches. To this end the music must be performed live although editing and multiple takes are available to create a final product. We feel this method of recording offers a realistic perspective with a harmonic and spatial accuracy that can not be achieved through standard studio or multi-microphone techniques.

True Stereo Recordings offer mastering of all recordings utilizing the best available methods for CD or LP to ensure the final product will be of total satisfaction.

True Stereo Recordings will offer production help from selecting appropriate recording venues for specific type of music , to complete design of final products.

True Stereo Recordings will only record music that is mutually beneficial to both the artist and True Stereo Recordings therefore it will offer assistance with final productions in their distribution and promotion if agreed on.

True Stereo Recording methods are not appropriate for all forms of music or productions. Together we can determine if this makes sense for all involved, and will be more than happy to demonstrate what has been accomplished with this unique method.

please contact us with any questions you may have to Ken Christianson