12. True Stereo in Perspective

True Stereo recording has a special place in the history of recording; the use of simple microphone techniques applied with care and thoughtful presentation will give us the closest approximation to the original source. This being said its application can be useful in other forms of recording, if many of the same principles are implemented from the experience that is gained through the understanding of the benefits that are inherent in their use. The basic perceptive of placing microphones as well as instrument positions and full use of room acoustics are all fundamental criteria. 

The playback of True Stereo recordings on a quality audio system will reveal just what the limitations are for both recording and playback chain. This is important information if we are to further our understanding of what is possible. The better the frequency, amplitude and time (F.A.T.) relationships are obtained the further into the music will be able to explore.

Keeping in mind the sound hierarchy from the microphone through the loudspeaker and that they are all interrelated with each other, and the weakest link in the chain will in the end limit the full optimization of what is possible to derive. There are restrictions in every aspect of sound but being aware of what is possible will allow us a perspective that unfortunately many in this field will fail to realize.

Every recordist must always consider the intent of the final result, experience is the most important tool and knowledge obtained from trial and error will be our best lesson. There is no course available that can teach us intent that must come from within and always being open to new ideas and understanding the limitations will take us to our final destinations.

Ken Christianson, Pro Musica, Chicago

posted on: 2011/09/14
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